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Our History

Our History

When Dr. James Doggette, Sr. first received the vision for Madison Mission, God specifically directed him to start a ministry that would not "follow the beaten path." From the very inception, this was destined to be a ministry of reclaiming and empowerment; a ministry where souls were snatched from the mouth of hell and provided with opportunities to maximize their spiritual potentials.

After much planning, the first service was held at the Asbury United Methodist Church on a Sabbath morning in May 1995. The service was Holy Ghost filled and electrifying, and the standing room only attendance exceeded everybody's expectations.

Without a regular place of worship, the early Madison Mission took on the characteristics of a nomad church as the congregation met at different venues from week to week. At least twenty different locations were utilized, including Mount Sano State Park and several school auditoria. As the church shifted to different locations each week, a building committee worked hard in the background and in 1998 secured 17 acres of prime property in Madison, Alabama.

On Wednesday, February 23, 2000, the Madison Mission Family Life Center was officially opened, and the jubilant members moved into the magnificent 14,000 square feet facility. The five-day opening exercises set the tone for the future as thousands of attendees celebrated with worship, drama, concerts, sports, and community activities. Each week, up to two-thousand worshipers gather to sing praises to the Almighty God. Joining the weekly worshipers is a faithful Internet congregation who tune into the live services each week from as far away as Europe and China.

Today, Madison Mission is continuing the great legacy of leadership, service and worship established since its inception. The church is embarking on a major building project that will include the completion of a new 40,000+ worship facility, complete with a new sanctuary, expanded children’s ministry facilities and punctuated by the renovation of our existing family life center.